Monday, May 29, 2017

News Release - Winnipeg Police Service

Winnipeg Police Service

Monday, May 29, 2017

Winnipeg Police Service Flight Operations Unit  2016 Annual Report
The 2016 Winnipeg Police Service Flight Operations Unit Statistical Report has been released.
The annual report outlines the purchase of a new Infrared and High Definition Video Camera in December 2016. The pre-existing camera became inoperable in August 2016 by way of wear and tear. The Flight Operations Unit relied on a loaner camera until it could be replaced.
Statistics found in the Flight Operations Annual Report include:

  • 732.8 hours of flight time were logged, a decrease of 27% from 2015
  • 168.5 hours of flight time were lost due to weather, maintenance and staffing, an increase of 18% from 2015
  • 1571 calls for service were responded to, a decrease of 35% from 2015

The report also outlines that AIR1 was targeted on two occasions by lasers being shone at the aircraft.  One suspect was apprehended and charged for one of the incidents. The Flight Operations Unit also saw a marked increase of incidents involving unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) operating within the Winnipeg Control Zone.
The primary purpose of the Flight Operations Unit is to support all Winnipeg Police Service operational and investigative units in the detection of criminal acts and the apprehension of suspects. AIR1 continues to have a dramatic influence on the outcome of calls for service and in 2016 was instrumental in identifying/apprehending 175 persons of interest. Of these persons of interest, 60 were taken into custody for criminal offences.
AIR1 has supported and assisted a number of external agencies including, the RCMP, CN Police, Conservation, Transport Canada and various other agencies.
You can view the Flight Operations Unit's annual report in its entirety on our website at:
2016 WPS Flight Operations Annual Report

The EC120B helicopter was publicly unveiled to the public on December 6, 2010. In 2014, the aircraft was re-designated the H120. The five-seat, 1.6-ton single-engine H120 has the latest generation technologies, featuring high manoeuvrability, excellent visibility, a large cockpit, and a low noise signature. Flying over at 1,000 feet above ground level, the H120 is the quietest helicopter in its class, and its engine emissions have low levels of pollutants.

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