Friday, July 10, 2015

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Friday, July 10, 2015


On behalf of Maria Mitousis:

This past week has been a challenging one for all emergency personnel, and indeed our entire community. One person in particular continues to heal and should be on all of our minds during this exceptionally difficult time, Maria Mitousis.

Maria and her family invited police to attend to her bedside and speak with her about getting information out to the public on her behalf.  Myself, and Manager of the Public Information Office, Kelly Dehn had the opportunity to meet with her yesterday for about an hour. From the onset of our meeting, Maria repeatedly emphasized her appreciation for all the support from so many people.

"I want people to know I'm ok, and I'll be better," Maria said, adding she looks forward to resuming her career as a lawyer.

"I'm doing great, but I'm not doing great. I have lots of support from friends and family, I wouldn't have this positive outlook without this support.

"I'm not going to stop."

Maria then very openly began describing her numerous injuries in detail. We can confirm Maria lost her right hand while seriously injuring her left. She sustained countless injuries to her face, chest and thighs due to the blast. This brief description doesn't come close to expressing the pain and suffering she is going through at this time, both mentally and physically.

What became most evident is that Maria is an incredibly resilient person.

"If all goes well, I'll have to become left handed," Maria offered during one of the lighter moments throughout the interview. 

"… and I was just recently getting quite good at golf."

She told us that she had gone golfing that very morning and remembered how at peace she was out on the golf course.

Maria then began describing the moments after the device exploded. She did what she describes as a self-assessment, "I have my teeth, I can see, I can blink." 

While receiving extraordinary care from the men and women of the Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service enroute to the hospital, she was provided reassurance and recalls thinking: "I'm going to get past this, I live in the moment. I'm going to get past this."

By midnight, she was in the surgical ICU and by 3:00 a.m., her eyes opened and she said "hello.' Maria underwent t ten-and-a-half hours of surgery.

Maria can't say enough about the incredible care she has received while in the hospital.

"Everyday strangers (staff) walk in and make me feel comfortable."

While she fully recognizes the impact this incident had on her own life, she is very mindful of how profoundly it has affected the local legal community. She expressed gratitude for the way that community has rallied around her while encouraging them to continue doing the amazing work they do.

"This is not a personal attack on what we do, keep doing it," she stated. "(When the explosion happened), we took care of each other."

She also wanted to express sincere thanks to the officer who happened to be in the area and being first on scene and the first responders who arrived soon after.

"I knew what was happening, where I was going, and I knew I was safe." 

She also thanks the Detectives from the Major Crimes Unit for their "talented, quiet, intensity", in carrying out their investigation.

"They were so friendly, so proud to be part of this investigation."

She expressed her thanks to Chief Clunis for his visit and recalls him saying, "You didn't deserve to have this happen to you. You are brave."

Finally, Maria wants everyone to know that her recovery will be long: "I'm going to come back to do what I do, I just don't know how that'll look just yet."

At some point she will consider media interviews, however at this point Maria simply says, "I'm just not ready yet." 


For further information contact either:
Constable Jason Michalyshen, Public Information Officer
Constable Eric Hofley, Public Information Officer

Phone: (204) 986-3061 | Fax: (204) 986-3267 | Email:

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