Tuesday, May 3, 2016

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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Arson Awareness Week - May 1st – 7th
As we enter the mid-point of Arson Awareness Week the Winnipeg Police Service is reminding the public that with the warmer weather can bring an increase in arson related offences. In the first 3 days of May Winnipeg has experienced 11 incidents of arson. This compares to 10 arsons for the same period in 2015.  

As a community we can all play a part in reducing the likelihood of arson by identifying risk factors in your neighbourhoodassociated with fire‐setting behavior and take the proper steps to reduce these risks.  These steps include:

- Reporting discarded furniture or other large garbage items to 311.
- Avoid placing bins, garbage or other combustible items against the exterior of your home, garage, shed or fence. These are a ready supply of fuel for an arsonist.
- Placing your new garbage / recycling containers out in the morning on the day of pickup   (before 7:00 A.M. but not the night before). Secure them in a safe place on your property as soon as possible after collection.
- Cleaning up overgrown shrubs and trees. They also can be a source of fuel for an arsonist.
- Not leaving flammable liquids in the open. (Ensure proper storage of flammable material, i.e.:gas cans, propane tanks).
- Ensuring that your house, garage and shed are well secured and that exterior lighting be maintained, i.e.motion sensor lights.
- Removing abandoned vehicles.
- Organizing or participating in the Citizens on Patrol Program or Neighborhood Watch Programs.
- Speaking with your neighbors and encourage each other to contact police if anything suspicious is observed.

For more information regarding fire facts and prevention, visit our website at:


Counterfeit Currency Advisory
The Winnipeg Police Service has noticed a significant increase in the amount of counterfeit Canadian currency being passed in Winnipeg over the past month. Specifically, notes of the newer polymer series $20.00 and $100.00 denominations.

The current influx of imitation notes appears to have a recognizable "arts & crafts" quality to them. For example, a note might have a holographic stripe but closer scrutiny will reveal that it is affixed to the note with clear tape.  The notes are also reported to have an "unauthentic" feel.

Merchants and consumers are reminded to check their notes and that they are under no obligation to accept notes they believe are counterfeit.

Some general security features to look for in Canadian currency are:

- Raised (intaglio) printing that can be felt by the touch.
- Very clear, fine line details in all the printing.
- The polymer bills display a Metallic portrait and building within the clear window.
- The Polymer bills display transparent text within the clear window.
- There is no consistency to the serial numbers. As such, we do not have a list that can be used for identification.

For more information on security features of Canadian bank notes, please refer to: www.bankofcanada.ca/en/banknotes.

If a suspected counterfeit note is tendered to you or your staff:

- Inspect it closely and compare it to a known authentic bill if possible.
- If safe to do so, retain the bill and ask the customer for another form of payment. As a consumer, decline the note and request another form of change.
- Record a description of the suspect and if appropriate, any vehicle associated to them.
- Contact police in a timely manner and make a report.


For further information contact either:
Constable Jason Michalyshen, Public Information Officer
Constable Rob Carver, Public Information Officer
Kelly Dehn, Manager of Public Affairs

Phone: (204) 986-3061 | Fax: (204) 986-3267 | Email:

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