Wednesday, June 22, 2016

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Winnipeg Police Service


Wednesday, June 22, 2016

  Winnipeg Police Service Accepts Delivery of Armoured Rescue Vehicle
  ARV1 Becomes Operational
  Recently, the Winnipeg Police Service accepted the delivery of a GURKHA tactical Armoured Rescue Vehicle (ARV1), manufactured by Terradyne Armoured Vehicles, located in Newmarket, Ontario.
  This vehicle, designed specifically for civilian based police purposes, will provide protection for Service members, partners such as the Tactical Emergency Medical Support (TEMS) Unit and the community as a whole.
  Members of the Special Operations Group, including the Tactical Support Team (TST) and Crisis Negotiators are engaged in numerous high-risk incidents every year.  Keeping the public and police members safe will be the primary objective of this new tool.
  "The safety of the public and the well-being of our officers is something the Winnipeg Police Service takes very seriously. This vehicle will give us an advantage in diffusing dangerous situations in the safest way possible," said Deputy Chief Gord Perrier.
  Whether transporting TEMS members into the danger zone to render first aid to those in need, allowing TST members to better communicate in an armed and barricaded situation or if necessary, provide a strategic advantage in the deployment of less than lethal force options, ARV1 will provide a safe and secure means of doing so.
  "Community safety is a priority for the Winnipeg Police Board. The Armoured Rescue Vehicle will enhance the Winnipeg Police Service's ability to protect the public and police officers during high-risk incidents," said Councillor Scott Gillingham, Chair of the Winnipeg Police Board.
  The vehicle is by design defensive in nature and will more readily allow police to rescue members of the public who are in dangerous and potentially life threatening situations.
  Training regarding the operation of ARV1 has commenced and members of the public may observe it travelling within the City of Winnipeg.  
  As seen in cities across Canada where Police Services have already invested in this type of vehicle, this acquisition will aid in an appropriate response to today's ever evolving policing requests.


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