Monday, April 16, 2018

News Release - Winnipeg Police Service

Winnipeg Police Service

 Monday, April 16, 2018

Third Party Reporting of Sexual Assault Offences

The Winnipeg Police Service, in partnership with Klinic Community Health Centre, Heart Medicine Lodge (Ka Ni Kanichihk) and Sage House (Mount Carmel Clinic) is pleased to announce the development of a new protocol in the City of Winnipeg for survivors of sexual abuse. Third Party Reporting offers survivors the option of reporting the details of their case anonymously to the WPS through a third-party Community Based Victim Services Agency.

The WPS recognizes the potential advantages of Third Party Reporting, and believes that this initiative is a step forward in addressing the serious issue of the under-reporting of sexual assault cases. This new reporting system will support survivors of sexual assault by addressing some of the barriers that have contributed to under-reporting.

Through this process, a person who does not wish to take part in a police investigation, or become involved in court proceedings, will have the option of completing a report anonymously through one of the three community based partner agencies involved in the initiative.

The information contained in the reports will be received by police, but the identity of the person will not be disclosed. The reports will be disseminated within the WPS for informational purposes, and will be entered into the VICLAS system which is a national database designed to track violent offenders. This may enable police to identify offenders or trends that might otherwise have gone unreported.

Third party reporting does not replace traditional reporting. It is an alternative for survivors of sexual abuse. Due to the nature of the reporting process, most cases received by police will be for informational purposes only, and the persons named in the reports will not be interviewed by police.

The agencies involved in this initiative are:

  • Klinic Community Health Centre, 870 Portage Avenue
  • Sage House (Mount Carmel Clinic), 886 Main Street
  • Heart Medicine Lodge (Ka Ni Kanichihk), 455 McDermot Avenue.

The Manitoba RCMP has developed a similar protocol alongside Community Based Victim Service providers, which will ultimately afford survivors in rural areas the option of making a Third Party Report anywhere in the province.

For further information contact either:
   Constable Rob Carver, Public Information Officer
   Constable Jay Murray, Public Information Officer
   Constable Tammy Skrabek, Public Information Officer
   Kelly Dehn, Manager of Public Affairs

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