Thursday, June 28, 2018

News Release - Winnipeg Police Service

Winnipeg Police Service

Thursday, June 28, 2018

July is Distracted Driving Month
The Winnipeg Police Service will be conducting a distracted driving campaign in the month of July. Officers will use proactive and creative methods to deal with drivers caught using hand-operated electronic devices through both enforcement and educational opportunities.
Deaths as a result of distracted drivers are now at the same level as deaths resulting from impaired driving. One in three deaths and one in five serious injuries on Manitoba roads involve a distracted driver.
During the last targeted campaign in April 2018, Winnipeg Police officers ticketed 480 drivers. What would you think if we had processed 480 impaired drivers during the same 30 days?  Drivers need to be mindful that the dangers of distracted driving such as collisions, damages, and injuries, are equal to those of impaired driving.
Sergeant Rob Duttchen is a 17-year member of the Winnipeg Police Service. In 2009, distracted driving became more than just an issue for him. It became a tragedy. His father, Pastor Art Duttchen was killed by a distracted driver in Kingman, Arizona. To honour his father, he has committed to educating the public about distracted driving knowing that education is as important as enforcement.
As part of the Winnipeg Police Service's traffic safety strategy, Sergeant Duttchen took to the streets to assist with enforcement and education.  In some cases he provided offenders a choice; get a ticket or listen to his story as he recognizes that education is as important as any enforcement action.
The Winnipeg Police Service has produced a video featuring Sergeant Duttchen's efforts. You can watch it here Distracted Driving

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