Thursday, August 6, 2015

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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Drop Zone

Drop Zone is part of the Restore Our Core initiative.  It's a summer youth sports drop-in program designed to provide a safe and healthy place for youth to interact positively, and forge healthy relationships with one another and volunteers.  The program takes place at different locations in the North End.  The teenagers are provided healthy lunches and snacks, and get to know people who live in different parts of the city. 
Playing a number of sports has been how a group of approximately 50 teenagers have spent their summer.  But those aren't the only skills they are learning.  Role models take time to teach leadership, integrity, and good citizenship.
It has all come together in Drop Zone, a summer sports program designed to bridge the gap between Winnipeg's different communities.
The program consists of camps that teach basketball, soccer, football, ball hockey and water polo.  During interaction with role models and mentors who volunteer their time, youth are taught the basic skills of these sports and given the understanding of respect and the hard work it takes to be an athlete.  This opportunity allows them to build confidence and the understanding of what it takes to be successful.
Drop Zone runs until the end of August.  The goal for these girls and boys is to continue their athletic pursuits and build upon what they learn during these camps.
Drop zone is designed for teenagers, aged 13-18.  Two role models who have been involved with Ndinawe have taken a leadership role in running the program.
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